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  • I had the chance to use Advanced Roofing in September 2007. Excellent company as they started the job on the scheduled date and actually finished in 1 day! I thought it would take at least take a couple days but Michael and his crew were speedy without sacrificing quality. Great company and very competitive pricing!
    Jeff Williams
  • Advanced Roofing is the ideal company…..the one you are always looking for…..reasonable prices, very fast service, high quality work. I found every aspect of our interaction to be outstanding.
    John Weaver
  • Advanced Roofing is the only roofing contractor that I will ever have work for me again. They were very professional, competitively priced, and I recommend them to my friends and family.
    Jerry Lanser
  • You guys did a fantastic job, thank you.
    Ron Fockler
  • I am very pleased with the work done on my roof.
    Catherine Kuzmich
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Fabral Metal Roofing

Fabral Metal Roofing, serving Northern Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska

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Created in 1967, Fabral Metal Roof and Wall Systems rapidly developed a reputation for superior metal roofing products and service. They are one of the premier suppliers of metal roofing options for both residential and commercial buildings. Fabral is an excellent option for your home or business for some of the following reasons:

  • Panels can often be applied over your existing shingle roof. This can help you save on the cost of tearing down and disposing of old shingles.
  • Life expectancy of Fabral metal roofing usually exceeds 30 years, lasting far longer than traditional roofing materials. Minimal maintenance is needed for upkeep.
  • Saves on energy costs by making your roof more energy efficient.
  • You can receive tax credits for installing energy efficient materials.
  • Professional installation available from Advanced Roofing Technologies.

Fabral is also proud to present Solar SSR panels, an industry gold standard in solar roofing panels. This provides you with the ultimate green solution to your metal roofing needs. Here are some things to consider if you’ve been contemplating a more environmentally friendly way of living:

    • Fabral Solar SSR panels are built to withstand wind of up to 160 mph.
    • Fabral solar metal roofing is available in different size systems to best accommodate your building’s size and budget.
    • The solar panels are sold as a complete system – you’ll receive all the specifications for wiring and electrical components, making the system easy to implement.

Proudly serving Northern Colorado for years, Advanced Roofing Technologies is happy to be able to provide our customers with Fabral metal roofing and solar panels, superior metal roofing products. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate so you can start building your green dream home.

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