Advanced Roofing Technologies (ART) is committed to giving back to the Northern Colorado communities we serve, which is why we created “Roof Rescue,” an initiative to provide continuous support to Northern Colorado community members and non-profit organizations in need of roofing services or roof repairs and lacking the resources to afford them.

Advanced Roofing Technologies’ Roof Rescue

Meet Our 2016 Roof Rescue Recipients: The Bibler Family of Severance 

Since Brad Evans purchased Advanced Roofing Technologies (ART) in 2004, ART has provided roofing materials and services to numerous Colorado families in need. As a part of ART’s commitment to the Northern Colorado communities, it has created an annual program called Roof Rescue. Roof Rescue is a program where nominations for a donated roof or roofing services are accepted for several weeks before the ART leadership team narrows the nominations down to a few worthy finalists. Through its website and Facebook page, ART has the public choose the recipient of the donated roof and roofing services by voting.

While nearly every nomination for the program presents need, this year, the community’s engagement and online voting presented a clear opportunity for Advanced Roofing Technologies to provide services to homeowners in need: The Bibler Family.Kelly and Dave Bibler had been together for 10 years when they welcomed their first son, Leo, on October 28, 2014. This family of three was planning an upcoming wedding and hoped to purchase their first family home soon after.All of these plans were abruptly halted just two days before their wedding. Nineteen-month-old Leo suffered a sudden and unexplained seizure and lost consciousness.He was rushed by Flight for Life to Children’s Hospital in Denver. Leo never regained consciousness, and after an eight-day hospital stay, he passed away. Though devastated by their loss, Kelly and Dave decided to begin trying to rebuild their lives. They were married in June, and three months later, the couple was able to purchase their first home in Severance. The excitement of being homeowners was quickly cut short when the couple discovered their new home needed a completely new roof before the winter. If left untended, they risked compromising their home’s integrity.Still dealing with the medical bills from Leo’s hospitalization, Kelly and Dave knew it was impossible for them to be able to afford a new roof. That’s when Kelly’s father stepped in and nominated the couple for Advanced Roofing Technologies Roof Rescue program:

“These are not selfish kids, they live within their means and [have] scraped [together] everything they had for this first house. Their unselfishness and community spirit is shown in the fact that they made the hard decision of donating Leo’s organs so others could live. Now, because of their generosity, a one-year-old girl in California has a new heart and will live a full life, a comforting thought that Leo’s heart still beats on. Along with that, a 50-year-old man is alive because of Leo’s kidneys. These kids are good neighbors and citizens. They both have hearts that are huge. They support several charities, one is Blue Star Connection an organization that collects musical instruments for kids with life-threatening diseases, Leo in fact often accompanied his grandpa on instrument donation pickups. The entire family has also become involved with the Donor Alliance, participating in fundraising activities this past summer, and will continue that support in the future. These 2 kids could sure use some good news for a change and would welcome any help that Advanced Roofing could supply them. I believe they are the type of folks you had in mind when you created Roof Rescue.”
– Kelly’s Father, Leo Bibler
The Northern Colorado communities who got to select the winner of the ART Roof Rescue, also believed that this couple deserved to be the recipients of the Roof Rescue program. After the public vote concluded, it was apparent that the Bibler’s would receive the award. The couple was notified that they were the recipients of the 2016Roof Rescue program on October 28, coincidentally, on what would have been Leo’s second birthday.
On November 21, an Advanced Roofing Technologies team replaced the Bibler’s roof and hosted a celebratory lunch at the family’s new home. During that celebration, Dave and Kelly Bibler stated, “We were overwhelmed by the whole thing and words could not express how grateful we are.”
Advanced Roofing’s project Foreman Raul Calzadillas shared,”how satisfying it is to be part of such a great program. ” Calzadillas and his crew have been involved with the ART Roof Rescue program for years.
“It is truly an honor to be able to help these families in our Northern Colorado communities, and especially this one, I cannot even image the pain of the loss of a child so young and so sudden,” states Brad Evans, President of Advanced Roofing Technologies.

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Whether it is a sponsorship for a local non-profit event, a monetary donation to a local organization or a donated roof, ART makes giving back a priority year after year.

Advanced Roofing Technologies donates to a variety of organizations throughout the year, including United Way of Larimer County, Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity, Loveland Habitat for Humanity, Resurrection Christian Church and a variety of local youth sports teams.

“Your roof is one of the most integral pieces to the entirety of your home. Your roof protects everything underneath it from the interior of the home to the family inside.” said Brad Evans, President of Advanced Roofing Technologies. “We want to help make sure that our Northern Colorado families are well-protected and we understand the burden that the cost of a roof can place on a family and that is why we always want to focus on giving back to our community in a big way.”

We understand that a roof is a large expense and sometimes circumstances can inhibit the ability to purchase a new roof or repair an existing roof. We feel that it is our duty to support our community that has supported us for more than 20 years, which is why we have committed to donating our roofing services to those in need.