Advanced Roofing Technologies (ART) is committed to giving back to the Northern Colorado communities we serve, which is why we created “Roof Rescue,” an initiative to provide continuous support to Northern Colorado community members and non-profit organizations in need of roofing services or roof repairs and lacking the resources to afford them.

Since 2013, Roof Rescue has provided more than seven roofs to families in Northern Colorado in need at no cost.

2018 Roof Rescue: Joe W.

Advanced Roofing Technologies was honored to award one of its 2018 Roof Rescue donations to Joe W. of Broomfield. Joe, who has lived in his Broomfield home since 2011, joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1943 when he was just 17-years-old. During his time serving in the United States Marine Corps, Joe fought in various battles resulting in thousands of American casualties.

During one battle, Joe was shot and honorably discharged from the Marines shortly after. Today, Joe is 92-years-old and Advanced Roofing Technologies was proud to award Joe with a new roof in 2018 as a part of its Roof Rescue program. The team at Advanced Roofing Technologies is incredibly thankful for the men and women who have served our country and we are honored to have an opportunity to show our gratitude through this program.

2018 Roof Rescue: Sharon’s Mom

In early 2018, Sharon B. reached out to Advanced Roofing Technologies on behalf of her 81-year-old mother. Sharon had recently moved from New Mexico to Colorado to care for her mother who had become severely ill with pneumonia, and the two of them were staying with Sharon’s aunt due to poor living conditions at her mother’s mobile home.

Sharon’s mother’s bad luck began years earlier. In 2011, Sharon’s mother was diagnosed with a noncancerous brain tumor which was removed in 2012. While recovering, her mother’s entire life savings was stolen and despite taking legal action against the perpetrator, the restitution isn’t enough for Sharon’s mother to live on let alone pay for home repairs.

To make matters worse, in 2016 the water heater in Sharon’s mother’s mobile home went out and Sharon’s brother discovered that the vent pipe to the water heater was not connected and the floor had rotted due to leaking from the roof. At that point, various repairs were needed and unfortunately, the proper permits were not pulled and previous roof repairs were not to code.

This led to Sharon’s outreach to Advanced Roofing Technologies. Sharon and her mother were living with an aunt, had no option to place an insurance claim to replace the roof and no one in the family had the funds for all of the repairs that were needed. That’s when Roof Rescue stepped in.

Advanced Roofing Technologies was proud to step in and help Sharon and her mother by properly replacing the roof along with all necessary vent work to ensure the home was livable.