Advanced Roofing Technologies Donates Roofing Services to Three Local Homeowners in Need

Each year, Advanced Roofing Technologies donates a considerable amount of roofing services to individuals and organizations in need through Roof Rescue, a philanthropy initiative Advanced Roofing Technologies has created to provide continuous support to Northern Colorado organizations and community members in need of a new roof or roof repairs and lacking the resources to afford one.

In 2015, Advanced Roofing Technologies reached out to northern Colorado communities seeking homeowners in need of roofing services who had fallen on hard times. After establishing an application process and spreading awareness locally, Advanced Roofing Technologies received more than 20 nominations for three different homeowners in need. Rather than selecting one homeowner to receive a new roof, Advanced Roofing Technologies sent experts out to inspect all three homes and ultimately determined that all three were worthy recipients. As a result of the campaign, Advanced Roofing Technologies donated roofing repairs, one full re-roof and a garage re-roof.

“We believe that as a Business Member of the Northern Colorado Community for more than 20 years it is not only our responsibility, but a privilege and an honor to support our community, and the Roof Rescue program is another way for Advanced Roofing Technologies to do that. We have supported numerous non-profit organizations over the years and are proud to be part of the Northern Colorado Community,” said Brad Evans, President of Advanced Roofing Technologies.

About the Homeowners:

Stephanie Estes of 606 Crescent Dr. in Loveland, CO, received roofing repairs to ensure that her roof would make it through the winter and to eliminate leaks. Stephanie recently took in her two teenage nephews and has been the sole income provider for the last several months due to her husband having surgery. Afraid that their roof wouldn’t make it through the winter and unable to afford a new one, the Roof Rescue campaign was a true blessing for the Estes family. 

“We work very hard to try and make ends meet but have experienced many speed bumps over the last few years. Our nephews live with us and we try very hard to provide for them as their mother has a drug dependency issue and is in and out of confinement. Our roof has been leaking and we have tried to repair it to the best of our abilities and finances but I fear it might not make it through the winter. We would be extremely appreciative if we should be selected as the winner of a repaired or new roof.”

Edna Steffen of 3013 Gold Charm Dr. in Fort Collins, CO, received repairs to the roof of her home, which was damaged in a 2015 hailstorm, as well as a new roof to her disconnected garage. Edna is living on a fixed income due to health issues and did not have the resources for roof repairs despite desperately needing them after a hailstorm in 2015. While her family and friends work to help her, they simply couldn’t afford a new roof for her home and garage. Due to her fixed income and the poor shape of the roof over her garage, Edna was dropped from her insurance company and is currently paying an unaffordable premium to her mortgage company. The Roof Rescue campaign will not only fix the roof on her home, but will replace the roof over her garage, hopefully allowing her to be eligible for insurance once again.

“Edna is such a caring and hardworking individual, despite not being able to work due to medical issues, she regularly volunteers at her church in the nursery – which is all that she can do since she is unable to work for pay. She would be so grateful for such a gift.”


Julie Albright of 4453 N. Lincoln Ave. in Loveland, CO, received a completely new roof installation due to the severe hail damage to her existing roof. Julie is a very hard working single mother who has had a very hard last few years. Her husband, Frank, died of cancer December 26, 2014 leaving Julie with a mountain of debt and a teenage daughter to care for. While Julie doesn’t have much, she does have the house, which was damaged in the hailstorm this year. Facing bankruptcy, Roof Rescue’s contribution of a complete re-roof may be what it takes to get Julie back on her feet.

“Frank left behind his wife and 16 year old daughter, Casey, and a slew of bills. He left her no insurance. On top of that, Julie had to buy a new lawn mower this year and a new garage door opener. Then her roof was damaged from the hailstorm this year. She cannot afford a new roof and is going to have to go into debt in order to get hers replaced.”

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About Advanced Roofing Technologies:

Advanced Roofing, voted Northern Colorado’s Best Roofing Contractor four years and running, was founded in 1993. Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service at a great value, Advanced Roofing is locally owned and operated, and strives to bring excellence to the roofing industry. Advanced Roofing is proud to be part of the local community and is honored to support numerous non-profit organizations as well as promoting youth development.