2013 Roof Rescue


Last year, Advanced Roofing Technologies searched for local community members in need of a new roof but unable to afford one. We chose three finalists: The Hernandez Family, Mary Walsh and Becky Herbst. We then asked the community to vote for the nominee that they wanted to receive a donated roof! With hundreds and hundreds of votes tallied up, the results were too tough of a decision and so Advanced Roofing Technologies donated two roofs instead of one! 

The winner of the donated roof was the Hernandez Family! However, after much deliberation we decided to also reward a new, donated roof to Mary Walsh. 

The Hernandez Family’s Story:


On April 6, 2011 the Hernandez family had their world turned upside down. Their 27 month old daughter Siena was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Mom, Laura, was 10 weeks pregnant with their third child (later to be named Thalia). Dad, Zach, had just received a large paycut and six weeks later he would be laid off. Big brother, Dylan, was thrust into a world where many times he would be bounced from home to home when his sister had to be hospitalized. When a child is diagnosed with cancer it is near impossible for both parents to work. Laura was already a stay at home mom at the time and had a small paycheck from singing at church. Since being laid off, Zach has worked hard to provide for the family. More than two years have gone by since then.

The family recently had their fourth child and Siena is officially done with chemo as of June 9, 2013! Cancer has taken its toll on their finances and tasks such as home repairs have fallen by the wayside.

“A new roof would help our family immensely!”

Mary Walsh’s Story:


Mary Walsh is a single lady who lives in a tiny 500 square foot house in an old part of Greeley with her dog and rescued cats  She is a good neighbor, causes no problems, and will drop everything in a moment’s notice to help anyone out. She has only social security to live on but somehow gets by.

Her roof is absolutely horrible.  To keep water from coming in, she has gotten on the roof herself and put overlapping strips of metal flashing from edge to edge which pretty much covers her whole roof.  After the wind blows hard, she goes back up and reattaches the pieces that have blown off.

“I pretended I was one of those early pioneers and went about fixing the roof myself.  I learned to scamper up and down that ladder like a monkey (after a few anxious prayers) and learned to pound those nails with a minimum of injuries to my knuckles (mostly.)   I patched up the hole that the tree punched in the roof and then went about covering the rest of those pitiful shingles with flashing.

I was so proud of myself and my efforts the next time it rained and nuthin’ leaked!  However, my pride was short-lived.  With just a soft, gentle rain, the roof was fine.  However, when we get a real “frog strangler”, wind driven or a prolonged rain, the roof leaks and with each subsequent storm it gets worse.

Periodically I get back up on the roof and try to prioritize which patches to put more patches on.   Up to now, I have been able to keep up with the leaks that are mostly just in the living room.  But now, after this last set of storms, new  leaks have developed above the piano, the kitchen, and in the bedroom over the bed.”

During the last rainstorm, Mary slept with a dishpan (to catch the new drips) on her chest. Mary desperately needs a new roof.  She will not get help from children – she has none.  She will not get help from disaster relief organizations – because she was not part of any large disaster.  This contest is the closest thing she will ever get to receiving help.